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Welcome to NorthCentral Insurance Services


NorthCentral Insurance Services, Corp. is a service company that can meet your needs in several areas of the Insurance industry:

- We offer completed audits in several formats.  Physical audits, phone audits, and mail audits are all completed by trained, professional auditors who have many years' experience in this field.  Our staff is strategically placed throughout our territories to serve your audit needs on a timely basis.

- Field work is completed on your risks that need an "inspection" by an experienced loss control representative who has been trained in the hazards of various commercial risks that you insure or are quoting.  Reports are prepared, photos and diagrams are completed and a narrative summary of the risk is prepared for your assessment of the risk.  We can survey any type of commercial coverage on which you write insurance.

- When a risk is large and in need of a serious review by a qualified loss control person, or your insured needs assistance in the area of a safety program, we can assist you.  We have prepared numerous large account reports and have set up many safety programs over the years.

- Many large risks are in need of assistance in the area of fire protection on their premises.  The National Fire Protection Association has long provided specific guidelines in this area. We have trained personnel who will work with your insured either for you directly or with them on a contract basis to put their business in line with NFPA requirements.  We do not do automatic sprinkler work.

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